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Rules to guide me

I feel that I should lay down some basic rules to guide me, to keep me on the right path. My objective is to double our rental income from our Holiday Homes. But lets be specific. I am starting this challenge at the beginning of September 2015. And my objective is for our rental income for 2016 to be above what it is for this year, and for my income for 2017 to be double what it is this year.

This is going to be tough. You see we’re already pretty successful and yet I want to double it. And what’s more, I have set some pretty exacting rules of the road too, They are here to guide me and keep me on the right track.

    1. OUR Income
      I want to double OUR rental income, the money we have left in our hand. So I need to watch costs closely. If I incur new expenses they will need to be paid from even higher incomes.
    2. Sharing
      I am going to share what I am doing, and how it’s done. I’ll share what works, why it works and how I did it. I am going to do that because I want you (any fellow holiday/vacation home owners reading this) to succeed too. You see I am helping myself, but helping you succeed will just inspire me more. Success is an infinite resource, your success it won’t diminish my efforts or increase my challenge in any way, if anything it will help me. That’s why I’ll always encourage you to reach out and share with others too as I believe that collaboration will accelerate success for all.
    3. Unbiased
      In the course of this challenge I will review and consider lots of different services and suppliers. For example; there are dozens of Online Booking Systems out there and I want to review all the mains ones. When I do that I will always offer an unbiased commentary. I won’t dress up an advert and present it as an unbiased review. If I find something good I’ll say so, if I think it stinks or just doesn’t work for me then I will say that too.
    4. Legal
      I won’t resort to illegal or dubious activities. No-one likes paying Taxes or licence fees, but it’s the law. Now I happen to believe that we all have a civic duty to pay taxes no-matter how unpalatable, but that aside there is a hard nosed and practical reason for me to stay on the straight and narrow. You see one day we want to sell our holiday homes to fund our retirement dream. If I succeed in maxing out our revenues I’ll have built up a successful business and a working model for success. If I have done that then the value of my property AND business will be worth a premium. But I’ll only get the premium if it all stands close scrutiny. So I will stay open-book and legal.
    5. Open
      I want my guests to be increasingly delighted in our Holiday Homes; that’s how I’ll drive my revenues up. So I won’t hide anything that I’m doing or saying here. If any of my guests, or consultancy clients, friends or colleagues come upon this blog I shall not be embarrassed. And for my guests I’d want them to be happy to learn just how hard I have worked to find them, engage them, entice them and delight them …. and attract them back too.

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