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What’s my dream?

I don’t know about others, but I think its useful to have a mental image of success before beginning any challenge. It really helps to focus my mind if I can visualise the sights, sounds and sensations of success. I can send myself there when times get tough, so that I will persevere and drive through to get where I need. So I thought about this challenge, what will success mean?

My Wife and I share a dream that when the kids have finished their education and flown the nest we’d like to set off on an adventure together and sail around the Mediterranean. (In fact we’d like to do this as soon as we could, but with two still in school and University a target for both we won’t be heading for the Med just yet). But one day we will, god willing. We’d never be so far that we can’t have visitors, and we’d like to have a boat big enough to accommodate the family. And friends would always be welcome.

This is our dream landscape, the playground for a great adventure enjoyed together. We see our holiday homes at Clifton as an integral part of that dream, they’re to provide our pension funds and (if I succeed) to pay for our adventure too. But to do that they need to be optimised to the maximum. Therefore my vision of what I will gain if I Double my Rental Income is simple – its Elise and I adventuring in the Mediterranean sun.

If you’re considering taking up this challenge what’s your one sentence vision of success?
Post it in the comments section below. It’s a strange thing but sharing your dream publicly kind of makes it official, and you never know it may well motivate you to achieve it !

Go on, share the joy!
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