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The Rental Challenge

I want to Double My Rental Income. My wife and I own two holiday homes, bought as an investment; our nest egg. They have been rented to Holidaymakers for a few years, but now I want to Double my Rental Income; double it within 2 years of today!

Our rentals have been going well, and our guests are very pleased, rating us 5 stars more often than not. Other owners are forever asking me how I am doing it, how am I doing so well! We seem to be full with guests when others aren’t. And yet I can’t help thinking… wouldn’t it be great if I could double our income?

I guess that’s a question that every holiday home owner asks themselves wistfully*. But I don’t want this to be a dream, I want to try and make it real; to double our rental income from our holiday homes.

Is it possible? I don’t know.

I certainly think it will be challenging, and maybe doubling our income is too much, but I am absolutely certain that I can create a big increase in income. It will be a journey, sometimes plain sailing and sometimes tough going. And I bet that I’ll lead myself into some blind alleys too. But I will be learning with every step, and to ease the journey for others the I WILL SHARE what I am doing and what I learn… all of it!

If you own a holiday let, or vacation home, and would like to double your rental income (and why wouldn’t you) then you can follow me. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. The things to do and the things that waste time and money. I will explain everything I do as I go along, and show you the impact every change makes. Join me!

PS: *I am not sure that more income is the issue on every holiday/vacation owner’s lips. I know its what I want, but I am interested to hear from other owners. I have created a simple survey for holiday/vacation owners. And, if you are just ‘thinking’ about investing in a vacation home it’s for you too. Its anonymous and will take you just seconds, I’d love to find out whats on your mind.

Video Transcript for those with text readers.

“Welcome to my challenge to double the rental income from my holiday homes.
Hi my name is Martin Finn and I want to welcome you to my challenge. Now I’m not be climbing the Himalayas and neither am I gonna be finding a cure for cancer I wish I were. No my challenge is much more prosaic. You see my wife and I have invested into holiday homes just down the road from us here in Ireland. They’re right on the sea and they’re beautiful holiday homes and we rent them out to lots of happy guests.But despite how well they’re doing – and they are doing well – people always say to me how are you full when others’ (holiday homes) aren’t. Despite that success I really don’t think we’ve spent the amount the amount of time on them that we need to. We never really looked at those houses as a business and we should, because I think I can double the amount of rental income that we get that’s twice as much money in her pocket the end of the year. And that’s what my challenge is all about. How am I going to do that? Well the only way to do it is to restart rethinking everything. Thinking about our customers, why they come to us, why why they stay with us and what makes them really happy. How they find us, how more of them can find us, how we can get them to come back, how we can get them to come and spend more money.
Now if you don’t have a holiday home and if you’re not thinking about buying a holiday home you’ll have interest in what I’m saying; I know that. But if we do have a holiday home, or you’re thinking about it, I want this set of videos and my website to be really useful to you. Because I am going to  share EVERYTHING (for free). All the things that I’m doing and why I’m doing them. The decisions that I make and why I made them. The tools that are use, the services that I find.
The things are really bad which you shouldn’t bother touching and the other things that really work well. I’m gonna share everything with you. So please follow me on my journey. And to make that even easier I created a website here it is it’s called Double my Rental Income because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.
On the website you’ll find you can sign up and when you do sign up you’ll see I’ll tell you about when my latest episodes recorded so that you can you can see them before other people. But more importantly I’m going to share with the tools that I develop on my way; the decision-making tools that I use. I’m gonna put all of that into a newsletter so don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter when you come to the website. Like I said I’m gonna share absolutely everything (for free)
My only payback if for you to enjoy it, and to join me on the journey. And if it’s useful to you I’d like you to share it too. Thankyou
I hope you’ve enjoyed that episode of Double My Rental Income and I really hope you’ll join me again don’t forget you can find out much more about my challenge and how it’s progressing by visiting the website www double my rental income dot com and you can sign up on the website to to get the very latest news and some extra special content which I can’t make available elsewhere. So please join me again and remember it this has been valuable to you I’m giving it to you for free but I do make a request. Share it with others let them know too. I want as many people as possible to start using some of the things that I have spent so long to discover. Thank you”

Go on, share the joy!

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