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Compare Flipkey, VRBO, HolidayLettings, Clickstay, HomeAway and HolidayCottages

There are dozens of online bookings systems for owners of Self-Catering – if you are like me you will get calls and emails every week with some new company or scheme.

Some of these companies are massive, some are small – but all promise more bookings, more revenue and an easy life for you. So who is telling the truth? Which one’s work and which don’t. Which are great value and which are a waste of time. Here I will be adding my honest and unbiased comparison reviews. I’ll talk about my real experiences with a number of booking systems, we are live on 4 right now. And I’ll delve into what its like as a customer, what do I love and what do I hate. Most importantly which of these live up to the dream.

And then I will move on, looking at the alternatives and investigating whether I should add to my booking systems or switch. In every case I show the impact on costs, time and results. For some of the systems I won’t spend so much time. Some of the dozens of online bookings systems are of no use to me, but might still be good. Others are just a scam or waste … and I will name and shame.

I am talking in the future tense as I am yet to get to my marketing section yet. This is probably my biggest area of expertise and yet it would be wrong to address it yet. Unless, that is. you ask me too 😉    So if you have a pressing need, particular question or interest in completing this blog a bit sooner than my current schedule, then tell me about that in the comments below – I promise it will spur me into action!


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