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HolidayLettings bargain…. I think not!

I am a customer of I pay to advertise my holiday properties on their website. They are owned by Tripadvisor; and also appear as Flipkey in the US. I am a customer of Flipkey too. I have listed my holiday property on both sites for a few years and they have been useful in generating business for me. I will hold off from giving them a full review just now. I’ll be doing a full side by side round-up of the options for Holiday Home owners like me in the near future.

This week I was contacted by a very friendly Rep from HolidayLettings. She wanted to let me know that my renewal date is next week and that I’d have to pay £359 plus VAT to be listed for 2016. But she also asked if I was interested in their new deal. Instead of paying a listing fee I could be listed for free and only pay a percentage of each successful sale – 3% in fact.

At first glance this sounded great. The listing fee works out at about 620 Euros. So at 3% commission rate it would be much cheaper to go for this deal. In fact it would only be more expensive for me if they created over 21,000 Euros of income – which they don’t. But I am glad I didn’t leap straight in, I thought there might be a catch. The Rep went on to explain that there was a ‘slight alteration’ in their T&C’s. The slight alteration is the fact that HolidayLettings would automatically add 15% to my advertised rental rates, and keep all the difference. So whilst I pay only 3% commission, my guests would have to pay an extra 15% more than they should.

This is horrifying. Its not a deal I would ever countenance, and I struggle to see who would. Having said that, I am sanguine to let others go for this deal, they will simply be making themselves less competitive. But then I thought. What if this got out. Surely if I was looking for a Holiday – would I really want to go this site when I know that some rental rates have been artificially hiked up in this way?




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