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How will I do it?

How am I going to set about this challenge, what’s my process? That’s a question I asked myself, but I kind of knew the answer already, its a tried and trusted 3 stage method.

  1. Reflect and Research
  2. Plan
  3. Act Decisively

So first I need to reflect on what am doing, what resources I have, what I know and need to know and what limitations are placed upon me. In other words to think and research and learn.

When I feel that I really understand what I am doing and how succeed, then I will proceed, but not before. So my website and photos and prices won’t change just yet (although I strongly suspect they will change later). Right now I need to reflect and research.

As part of my research I need to honestly assess where we are today. To help me do this I created a spreadsheet listing several dozen things which I really need to do right to max out my rental income. My aim was self-awareness, to truly assess our rental ‘product’ and my activities against each line item, and hence to create a score – my ‘rating’, my percentage towards perfection, my place on the long road to my dream. And I decided that I should score myself regularly and harshly, after-all as I progress my rating will increase, and my progress will move faster. And, or course, the absolute value of my rating doesn’t actually matter; its only their to track my progress.

Thinking this through I quickly realised that some items on my list are simply more important than others – they have a much greater impact. That’s not to say that I should ignore others, but remain vigilant to work on the high impact items first. And I also realised that some activities only work well IF something else is done well. There are chains of cause and effect in what I do.

For example : I might create an absolutely fantastic website for my holiday homes, but if I don’t do anything to get it seen by potential guests then its a total waste, a white elephant. I could spend ages building a presence with an online holiday booking sites, but if I haven’t researched the best online sites and I’m on a poor site I will have wasted time and money and opportunity.

So I realised that my simple spreadsheet self assessment won’t work, not without adding impact and chains of cause and effect. So then I set about creating a new Self Assessment Tool. I decided to create it online, as that way I could get to it at any time, and make it more sophisticated and yet easy to use. Its almost ready for use and the great news is that I will publish it so that you can use it too, for FREE! Look out for the post on my free Self Assessment tool for Holiday Home owners soon.

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